We are Video Producers, Filmmakers and Photographers – providing great looking film, video and stills for Broadcast, Web, Print and any other platform you can think of. Our friendly and flexible ‘one-stop shop’ approach means we deliver great video and stills for all sizes of project, on time and on budget. Talk to us about the stories you want to tell – we’d love to help.

What sets us apart

Los Angeles Media Factory prides itself on how well we can accomplish the goals we set for ourselves and our tenacity in the Film and Photography industry. We use the best equipment and we are always sending our crew to educational sessions with leaders in the industry so we can be up on any new techniques and changes in the industry.

Modern tech

We keep up with technology!


Our crew members are always learning!


Our crew work together to accomplish our goals! This means years and years of experience to make your dream a reality. 

“We set our self apart by welcoming new technologies and ideas and our ability to master our craft.”

Post Production

Whether you don’t like to edit video, you’ve shot so much you don’t have time to get through it, or you’re just trying to outsource and focus on what you do best, hiring a video editor might be just the thing you need to consistently create and ship videos.