Grandma’s Day Out

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my social experiment designed to incorporate multiple business in one viral video.


In August my grandma ( only living relative) is coming to California to visit me. My goal is to pick her up in a Lamborghini and take her out around Los Angeles for the time of her life. During the day we will be stopping by different land marks and local businesses and the whole time my camera crew will be capturing our great time.

I am currently looking for:

Two/ Three Restaurants

One Hair Salon

One Exotic Car Rental

One Makeup Artist

One Boutique

One Theme Park or Local Attraction


I am also up for suggestions of places to stop at; we could go on a tour of your facilities if you don’t usually have customers stopping by or maybe you own a theater. What ever your business is this is a great way to get million dollar marketing campaign for thousands!


We will stop by your business enjoy what your company provides and tell people how much we love it and how I frequent the establishment often. You will also get mentioned in all credits and descriptions including your contact info or what ever you’d like to promote.


*All your funds will go toward creating and promoting this video




raised of a $5,000.00 goal

Time's Up
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