Los Angeles Media Factory Shoots with Aura

 It’s always nice to work with someone who is passionate about what they’re doing and Aura is defiantly someone who puts the time and effort into her craft. I have shot with her before for a client and I knew she was up and coming in the Marijuana Model Scene but we both wanted to step away from that and see what could happen. We met up at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, Ca July 17 at noon and faced a long and hot journey up the trail in hopes that the waterfall I had seen before was still there. Our hike was worth all the effort because at the end of the trail was a 50 ft waterfall calling our names.

If you can believe it we were not alone when we reached the waterfall it was packed with people;  seems right because this was a true oasis. Not sure if people would let us shoot we set up anyway!

As we walked down the beach and toward the waterfall people made way and let us shoot with no interruption. We appreciate these awesome people because of them we were able to get what we came for, a truly one of a kind look.

I hope you enjoy the beauty that came from these efforts.




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