Top 5 Ways To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business

Whether you’re using Instagram yet or not, using Instagram will help you grow your business influence. Connecting with your customers and potential customers to grow your business has never been easier.  Of course Facebook has been the leading social media site for years but Instagram, owned by Facebook, has seen over 50% growth and is a leading way to connect with new customers.

Now more than ever it’s a great time to put the power of Instagram to use building your business influence.  Let us show you how!


#1  Connect your business using Instagram

Building a business is hard enough and even harder when no one knows about it.  Setup your Instagram account, add your company’s website to your new Instagram profile and add an Instagram share icon on your site connecting to your Instagram profile to get started.

While there, if you haven’t already done this for Facebook and Twitter now is a great time to set these up for a more complete social media strategy!

Adjust your new account settings and add your business images for a seamless transition for visitors from Instagram to your website.  You can use your website logo, business card image or other business images to help design and setup your new accounts.

#2  Get socially active

instagram tips

We’re just getting started by creating and connecting your accounts. Now it’s time to get active.

Connecting with prospects and customers to grow your business influence needs to be actively nurtured  through sharing on your new profile.  You may want to share what’s currently happening with your company, the latest news or changes happening, share your latest services or products, local events in your area and even sales or promotions you’re currently having.

It’s critical to create a schedule so you maintain an active connection with other users.  Maybe setup a schedule that fits into your day so you can post and share what’s new each day with your customer base. The key is actively building rapport and connections through your posts and shares. Simply sharing what’s new and happening will help you build your businesses influence.

#3  Interact with your Instagram followers


There are millions of Instagram users, actually around 400,000 million on Instagram alone. In order to help build influence interact with them through your account.

You can do this simply through various points of contact;

  • Making comments on their photos or videos that are of interest to you and your business
  • Liking their photos or videos
  • Sending other users a message about their profile or shares
  • Following other Instagram users

Just simple interactions with users through your social profile will bring attention to your profile and business.  Through your interactions you’ll eventually build new connections and grow your business’s influence.

It’s important to not just direct sell or use aggressive tactics when interacting with others through social media. Just maintaining light social interactions about your business while growing your influence.

#4  Create dynamic shares or find free high quality photos to post


Instagram is a visual social media site.  Other users will gravitate to your profile if you post awesome shares. Make your shares interesting and dynamic! You’re able to post both images and videos with captions using Instagram.

Get snapping some photos and videos! People enjoy shares that are funny, witty, sincerer and interesting. Aim for high quality images or videos to best highlight your business. Basically making the best impression with the shares to grow your influence.

If you’re not ready to start posting your own photos or videos there are many websites where you can get both free and paid stock images or video! Try searching for “stock images” or “stock video” to find free or paid images and videos to share.

Alternatively you can also fine 1,000s of images labeled for reuse by using the search engine Google.  Simply type your keyword, click images, click search tools, click usage rights and drop down to “labeled for reuse”.

#5  Be unique


What’s special about you and your business? What would other people and business’s find interesting about your business?  Sharing unique shares about you, your services or products will help others find your business. Maybe your business participates with a charity or is active with the community in a unique or special way?  Share it and watch your business influence grow!

Everyone enjoys a story and with your shares it’s vital to tell your story in a unique way. Not only will you have fun and enjoy posting your new social media shares but others will find your business and want to reach out to you. Maybe post behind the scene shares about your company, services or how your products are made.

Standing out and peaking other users interests will help your business be seen and grow your influence share by share.